Further Reading from Fluent Python

I’m reading Luciano Ramalho’s Fluent Python right now. It’s a great book. I’m particularly enjoying the Further Reading sections that end each chapter. Here are some of my highlights.

Chapter 1: The Python data model

Chapter 2: An array of sequences

Chapter 4: Text versus bytes

Chapter 5: First-class functions

Chapter 6: Design patterns with first-class functions

Chapter 7: Function decorators and closures

Chapter 8: Object references, mutability and recycling

Chapter 9: A Pythonic object

Chapter 11: Interfaces: from protocols to ABCs

Chapter 12: Inheritance: for good or for worse

Chapter 14: Iterables, iterators, and generators

Chapter 15: Context managers and else blocks

Chapter 16: Coroutines

Chapter 19: Concurrency with futures

Chapter 18: Concurrency with asyncio

Chapter 19: Dynamic attributes and properties

Chapter 20: Attribute descriptors



Several books are mentioned repeatedly in the Further Reading sections, or otherwise caught my eye: